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 Explination of Furries

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PostSubject: Explination of Furries   Explination of Furries Icon_minitimeSat Sep 01, 2007 4:29 pm

Quote :
Okay this is a Big one.

We have a group in the Clan with the Tag [TKF] The Killa Furs. These are member of the Assassins who are part of the Furry Subculture.

We have had problems in the past with people who are unable to accept the Lifestyle of the Furs in the clan. So i will explain this simply.

Furs are a subculture of people who are often Misconstrued as something they are not anywhere else but the Fandom. They are People such as myself who have chosen to take a Fursona (An animal Human Hybrid *Example if you notice i have a Snow Leopard as my fursona* to represent themselves). The Furry Fandom is just a group of people who express themselves differently and are safe to be themselves in the Fandom. There is nothing hard to explain about them.

Its just another group of People within the Assassins Family.

There is no exclusions based on any person.

Any offense will be taken seriously.

Equality or Banning its your choice.
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Explination of Furries
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