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 Ingame l0l

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PostSubject: Ingame l0l   Ingame l0l Icon_minitimeSat Jul 19, 2008 10:50 am

Just put quote from talking, explain action that make you go "LOL" while you were playing Smile

screenshot is a plus Smile

Let me start Smile

Not long ago, I was playing on a deathmatch server on CSs with only the deagle and then popped in a dude "blx". He was doing 100% headshot with deagle (lol ? but okay). Then he takes the AK, and still 100% HS, obviously cheatinghe wasn't on autofire but with aimbot and wallhack Smile

I did go lol, I talked with him for more lol cause he was saying "you noobs, go pro" and worked nice

me_ "Dude I know many pro-gamer and I'm myself a good player, so I can tell you' re cheating"
him_ "HAHA you good ? you're just a noob !"

It did goes like that a few exchange, then he switched to glock and still 100% HS xD

then he start to argue about any lan I've been to, Indeed I've been to none, and he claimed he did the famous swedish one (I don't remember the name) where the best gamers of the world goes => LOL

then he goes scout ! unscope xD wow lol Smile
he now claims he's in the #4kings, one the best team in the world

and after that I got bored. Then annoyed. and finnaly I change my weapons to AK+deagle and what happened after,...

I've got berserk mode, I've grabbed my skill from when I was really good,... and purely OWNED him, he couldn't even kill me with his aimbot xD

then he was like not saying anything anymore, and left after a few minutes.


that was a serious LOL x)

I'm the all mighty meanie admin >3
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PostSubject: Re: Ingame l0l   Ingame l0l Icon_minitimeSat Jul 19, 2008 3:14 pm

Oh that is good indeed. bounce

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Ingame l0l
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